ChristchurchCon 2019

I ran my Windows Privilege Escalation training at ChCon'19. Had a great time and here is a wrap up of it.

Lab 1 - Leakage of Sensitive Information

This is the first official lab of the Windows Privilege Escalation series. There are setup intrsuctions if you just want to get started. A full approach and walkthrough, showing you exactly what to do. Then the Answers down the bottom if you get really stuck.

Lab 0 - Setup and Intro

This part contains the setup instructions, how to get the labs up and running using Vagrant and VitualBox.

Windows Privilege Escalation Lab

First post of the Windows Privilege Escalation Series. This provides some of the background behind the project, and how to get started.

Rolling Kali with Packer

I got tired of constantly creating a new image of Kali for each assessment, or when just playing around with things. Plus, I wanted to keep the 'golden' image clean without any client information. So I created a script to automatically provision a Kali image using Packer.