I have been to Christchurch a few times now, twice for ChCon (including this time) and once for a mountaineering trip with Melbourne University Mountaineering Club (MUMC).

When I was last at ChCon, I did my A-Z of Windows Privilege Escalation, a presentation that has been probably done to death now. This time, I did a training session. Had about 10 students, surprisingly from a blueteam/sys admin/devops type of background with no pentesters/offensive security folk at all. This changed the approach to the training a little bit and had to tune the delivery to that of a defensive manner. The content stayed the same.


Very much to my surprise, all the labs worked with no issues at all! Only issues that were encountered were around peoples laptops being a little older which meant they had to wait a little bit to make sure the labs come up quickly. This really cemented the need for the labs to be available on a cloud platform like Azure, so stay tuned, there will be updates to help facilitate this.

For those that are interested, my slides from the training can be found here